Must Have Baby Registry Essentials From buybuy BABY

Must Have Baby Registry Essentials From buybuy BABY via. The Pacific Standard

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What we wished we would have registered for, and must-have essentials for your buybuy BABY registry list.

One of the funnest things about preparing for the arrival of your little one is putting together a registry! As fun as it is to create a baby registry list, it also can be a little overwhelming. This is especially true for first time parents or caregivers. When Kevin and I first started thinking about making a list of items we’d need for baby we were a bit confused on where to begin. With so many different brands, user reviews, and stuff in general it’s easy to get lost.

If you do have a chance to meet with a registry consultant in-store at buybuy BABY I HIGHLY recommend it! I learned more about baby good, needs, and general knowledge in my walk through than I could have ever learned researching on my own. It takes about 2-hours, and allows you to look at each product and gain insight on why your consultant recommends it. I was lucky enough to do my walk through with a woman who was honest, up-front, and VERY helpful when explaining her reasoning for suggesting one brand over another. Plus, she was more than happy to answer all my questions, and trust me I had more than a few!

So consider this your road map for all your baby must-haves. I think the easiest way to navigate this post is by category, which is how many buybuy BABY stores are laid-out. So without further ado here are the items we wished we had registered for along with some must-haves!

Must Have Baby Registry Essentials From buybuy BABY via. The Pacific Standard


I think we can all agree that baby clothes are the cutest thing ever! As tempting as it is it fill your registry with cute outfits, you’ll most likely end up with WAY more than you need. Not to mention babies typically grow out of clothes at lightning speed! My advice? Register for quality essentials that will support baby in comfort and practicality. Don’t make the mistake I did and by forgetting to register for newborn items. Being a first time parent I assumed that Evie would fit into 0-3 months. That’s definitely not the case, most babies will need newborn or even preemie size apparel.

Gerber Long and Short Kimono Shirts: This might seem like a random essential, but trust me, solid separates will get plenty of wear. The side-snap long sleeved Kimono T-Shirts are great because they’re gentle on the umbilical cord and won’t tug or pull on the area like the typical onesie. Not only that but they’re 100% cotton so they’re gentle on baby's skin and easy to wash.

Caps: Having a few hats on hand are great if you plan on taking baby out of the house. While, they don’t need to wear them all the time, they’re essential to keeping them warm during the cooler months of the year.

Socks: Babies are notorious escape artists, so it's essential that you get a pair of socks that will stay put amongst their wiggles. Carter’s Crew Socks are ribbed and a little longer so they stay on much better than ankle socks.

There are sooo many different swaddle techniques that it’s almost impossible to try them all. Luckily, most parents (including us) have had success with the Halo Sleep Sack. Our consultant suggested registering for 2 so you’ll always have a clean one ready to go!



Binkies / Pacifiers: Over the years baby pacifiers have gone from everyday essentials to trendy accessories. Honestly, my feelings on this is to buy what works and not whats trendy. The Philips Avent Soothie Pacifiers come in packs of 2 and work wonders! They’re made with silicone thats BPA Free and 1 solid piece and very easy to clean.

  • I would also suggest registering for 1 or 2 wubbanubs. The plush toy end of this pacifier attachment is great for helping soothe baby when on the go and is easy for baby to hold. To wash, throw these in a small nylon bag and wash on a gentle cycle.

Car Seat Cover: If you want more bang for your buck and a solid 4-in-1 product then you definitely need the Mom Boss by Itsy Ritsy. We use our on the daily as a car seat cover and keep it on when we go for walks to keep the sun out of her eyes. Plus, having your little one covered helps keep unwanted people for touching your baby! You can also utilize the Mom Boss as when breastfeeding, a high-chair or grocery cart cover.

Cart cover: Evies still pretty young for being a shopping partner, but when she hits 6 months she’ll be joining me in grocery shopping. The Boppy Car Cover is not only padded, but is a great barrier to keep germs at bay whilst keeping your baby comfortable.

Must Have Baby Registry Essentials From buybuy BABY via. The Pacific Standard
Must Have Baby Registry Essentials From buybuy BABY via. The Pacific Standard

Nursery Electronics

Humidifier: You’ll want to check with your pediatrician before using a humidifier while your baby's sleeping. Our little one was pretty stuffed up the first few weeks and the Crane did help tremendously. Keep in mind that a humidifier can be used well after your baby grows up, so why not go for a design that can be used outside of the baby's room.

Noise Machine: All noise machines are not created equally! Register for a design that can be used on the go and in the home that doesn’t always need to be plugged in. The Marpac Hushh Portable Sound Machine (after baby purchase) is now our go-to and is the perfect size. A single charge will last through the night and provides a tranquil white noise. You can also clip these onto a stroller or car seat! We also utilize the Shusher for nap time or when she needs more assistance with relaxing. Just remember that if you end up registering for a plush animal sound machine to leave these outside of the crib.

Must Have Baby Registry Essentials From buybuy BABY via. The Pacific Standard


Bottles: Your feeding plan will largely depend upon you. We lucked out as Evie took to the Comotomo bottles immediately and didn’t have any issues with nipple confusion. The design of the Comotomo features a silicone base that feels like mom, and a ring designed to help prevent colic. A great suggestion from our consultant was to register for a few different single bottles to see which one your baby takes to best. Some of the top brands amongst moms are Comotomo and Dr. Browns. Once you do find out you can then purchase the larger value set.

*remember to change the nipples on your bottles after 3 months, this is typically the time you’d upgrade to a faster, larger flow bottle.

Cleaning Brush: Go with a brush without a sponge. Sponges are notorious breeding grounds for bacteria, so stick with a bottle brush that utilizes silicone or nylon bristles that won’t require daily sanitizing. The OXO Bottle Brush is affordable and comes with a stand for easy drying.

Soap: Stick with a soap designed for bottles and babies! Dapple makes a fragrance free soap that removes milk film.

Drying Rack: Without a doubt the Boon Lawn is a fabulous drying rack option. We use the smaller size and find that it’s plenty big and doesn’t take up too much counter space. You can also easily throw it in the dishwasher to clean. I’d also recommend purchasing 1-2 of the Boon Twig, these are great for drying smaller pieces like values and bottle rings.

Bibs: Your baby is bound to get milk in the creases of their necks when bottle feeding. This is where Green Sprout bibs come in handy. The absorbent terry cloth and rounded neck help catch milk to help keep baby’s neck nice and dry. These are also great for when your little one begins to drool.

Formula: If you are using formula to feed your baby having a dispenser on hand when on the go is extremely helpful. The Phillips Avent dispenser has three separate compartments to hold pre measured formula for a quick pour. These can also transition to snack containers when your little one begins to eat whole foods.

Must Have Baby Registry Essentials From buybuy BABY via. The Pacific Standard


Depending upon your insurance provider you may be eligible to receive a free breast pump! Definitely review your options before shelling out on a particular model, as they can get pricey. I ended up not liking the one offered to me, and went with the Spectra Baby S2. Since I haven’t used other pumps I don’t have much to compare it to, but I will say it’s quiet and very powerful. The other key feature is that it’s a closed system so you don’t need to worry about corrupting the motor or hygiene issues that come with other models.

One item I can’t recommend enough is the Haakaa! I use it every single day and find it suction powerful enough to use when nursing or pumping on one side. This is also a great option to use when on the go or traveling.

Storage Bags: Lansinoh bags work with the Spectra system and I’ve never had issues with the bags leaking when stored for freezing.

Breast Pads: If you’re breastfeeding nursing pads are essential! You can either go with the washable option or disposable. I opted for Lansinoh disposable nursing pads, which are great for during the day and overnight wear. They’ll keep you leak free, absorb milk, and will keep you dry!

Nursing Pillow: When it comes to nursing pillows it’s really all about personal preference. I have both the Boppy and Brest Friend and find different uses for them both. In the beginning when breastfeeding can be difficult the Brest Friend was VERY helpful. It has a larger surface for baby to lie on and the wrap around design helps support your back. I also like how you can adjust the strap to be more snug around your waist.

Nipple Cream: Should you be breastfeeding Nipple Cream is must for sore or cracked nipples. Earth Mama makes an all natural cream that doesn’t need to be removed prior to feeding! I prefer the consistency of this cream overs and doesn’t leave a weird residue.


Tub: The Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Sling 'n Seat is a great all around option for bathing in a double sink or tub. The tub transitions with your baby and supports them as they grow. Should you have an accident (which is bound to happen) the sling is very easy to unsnap and throw into the wash!

Spout Cover: When your baby begins to sit up and bathtub begins to also be a time to play you’ll want to utilize a spout cover. Protect your little one from a hot spout with a soft yet protective cover like SKIP*HOP’s Moby. This also a great addition to a bath themed shower gift!

Rinse Cup: You’ll need something to help you rinse baby, especially if they have hair. A rinse cup with a soft, silicone pour spout will be gentle enough to rest on your baby's head. This Shampoo Rinse cup is very affordable and works great and prevents soap/water from getting into their eyes.

Shampoo: We use Mustela's Foam Shampoo for Newborns and find it to be very gentle, plus the foam makes it very easy to apply!

  • Alternatively, you could also register for a bath kit with all the essentials you’ll need down the line. Honest makes a great shower gift basket with everything from Shampoo to Diaper cream, to Hand Sanitizer for you!

Towels: You’ll want to add a minimum of 2 hooded towels and a set of super soft washcloths to use during bath time. You can use the washcloths to both dry and use during bathing to keep your little one warm.*

  • Placing a warm washcloth on baby’s stomach can help ease them into bath time, keep them warm, and soothe any tummy issues which may be occurring!

Must Have Baby Registry Essentials From buybuy BABY via. The Pacific Standard
Must Have Baby Registry Essentials From buybuy BABY

First Aid

Keeping a first aid kit on hand it an essential part to preparing for baby. We keep these items on hand at all times just in case. Some of these items won’t be needed right away, just it’s nice to have them nonetheless!

  • Tylenol - know the difference between infants and children!

  • Gerber Soothe Drops - A great aid for fussy and colicky babies.

  • Mommy’s Bliss Vitamin D - Use on nipple when breastfeeding, you’ll want to check with your pediatrician or lactation consultant prior to using.

  • Sunscreen - When you decide to bring baby outside sunscreen is a must! Opt for a sunscreen like Babyganics which is lotion based not aerosol! So often spray can miss crucial application spots and result in sunburns.

  • Thermometer- Braun uses filter for baby and can also be used by the whole family.

  • Nosefrida - Very easy to use, and can mean the difference between a grumpy stuffed up little one and a happy camper!

Nail Clippers: Clipping your baby's nails can be extremely nerve racking! To ensure a quick trim use sharp baby nail scissors and use when baby is sleeping!


Bassinet: The bottom line with bassinets is that they should be practical for your living space and breathable for your baby. We love the Halo DreamNest and love that it will transition to a playard as our little one grows. The Diaper Changing attachment is also great for quick diaper changes!

DockATot: The DockATot was something I wasn’t initially sold on at first. To me it felt unnecessary, but I take it all back! We use the DockATot every single day and love how easy it is to clean! This is definitely something I wish we had registered for!

Must Have Baby Registry Essentials From buybuy BABY via. The Pacific Standard


Diapers: In all honesty we are not 100% loyal to any single brand. I will tell you that each one does have their own set of positives/negatives. Currently we use Honest brand diapers and find them to be great! We’ve only had 2 blow-outs and find their diapers to be soft and very gentle on baby's skin. In terms of registering I would ensure you have plenty of Newborn Diapers on hand post-hospital. From here you can then purchase what you’ll need as your baby grows. We also use Pampers Swaddlers and also find them to be very gentle, the wet indicator is a HUGE benefit to their diapers as well!

Wipes: Going along with the above, we also love using Honest Wipes. The packaging is great are prevents them from drying out! I’d also highly suggest WaterWipes, you can register for these in bulk to have on hand. These are 99% water and Hypoallergenic so they’re very gentle on the skin.

Wipe Dispenser: Changing diapers is a dirty business and oftentimes you’ll have your hands full. This is where the OXO Tot Wipes Dispenser comes in handy! The top opens with the touch of a hand (or whatever is available) and the weighted insert allows for single wipe release. I wish we would have added this to our registry from the start!

Diaper Pail: If you’ll be utilizing a diaper pail, go for one that ISN’T plastic! Smells can leach into plastic overtime rendering your pricey pail useless. The Bubula Diaper Pail is made of steel and aluminum and uses KITCHEN BAGS! This was by far one of the most helpful tips we received during the registry walk through and it makes total sense! We’ll definitely be upgrading when ours poops out!

Changing Pad:
Changing pads come in all different sizes from rectangular to peanut shaped. The key is to choose one that safe is to ensure it has 3 raised edges. (Obviously, if you are also using a changing table with a raised edge you can use a pad with 2 raised edges) We use the Colgate changing pad, it fits perfectly into our changing table and works with most (if not all) of the cotton covers we use!

Changing Pad Liners: Messes quite often! We always have one of the Boppy Waterproof changing Pad Liners down. This makes for easy clean up and keeps your cotton covers clean.


At first all babies really do is eat and sleep, but as they become more alert you’ll want to have things to help you out.

Infant Seat: We swear by the 4Moms Mamaroo! Evie loves to sit and rock to the car ride setting and this helps soothe her during times when she gets fussy. It may seem like a pricey purchase, but it's a must if you ask us!

Activity Mat: The Baby Einstein Journey of Discovery Activity Mat was actually a gift my mom received and one that Evie adores! Even though she isn’t quite old enough to interact with all the assets she loves to look around and kick plush toys with her feet. The sides fold us so little ones won’t roll off the mat, and it transitions with your baby as they get older!

Rattle: The Oball Rattle came HIGHLY recommended from several people we know! Its design is great for all ages and its design fits easily into their small hands.

Bouncer: A bouncer is a key product you’ll use from the time their born well into their first year. We use the BabyBjorn Bouncer all the time and find that Evie is perfectly content drifting to sleep or hanging out while we door chores nearby. The other great thing is the design is collapsible so it's easy to store!

Must Have Baby Registry Essentials From buybuy BABY via. The Pacific Standard

I know this may seem like a lot of information, but trust me having things on hand will make the transition into parenthood that much more seamless! Be sure to download the attached Baby Registry PDF for a list of all of our baby essentials. Are you a parent? I’d love to know your must-have essentials from buybuy BABY for babies and newborns! Be sure to leave this in the comments below!



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