5 Ways to Keep The Pregnant Lady Happy

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A huge part of the ease of this pregnancy has been having a supportive partner. I count my lucky stars every day that Kevin is on this life journey with me! If I’ve learned one thing through carrying our baby girl for 28-weeks it’s that everyone's support system is different, but that doesn’t mean your partner can’t be there for you in different ways. In today’s guest-post Kevin will be sharing five ways to keep your pregnant partner happy (or how he keeps me sane!) There’s a lot of truth in these tips and I hope 1 or 2 will resonate with you if you’re on a similar path!

Rubs…it’s all about the Rubs!

This is a simple, free way to help the Mrs. get comfortable and find some relaxation in her day-to-day routine. Watching a TV show? During the commercial break is a perfect time for a quick leg massage or foot rub that could change her night. Rubs will always keep her smiling and make life just a little more enjoyable.

Is she shopping for the baby…again?...Let her!

I have no idea how it feels to be growing a child inside that tummy. If Kelly wants to pick up a cute dress for Evie, that’s her business! After the shower/gifts and family hand-me-downs, the number of clothes will be overwhelming. This is a battle to be fought on another day, my friends. I will be staying away from asking if that 18th onesie is really needed. Having the ability to buy something nice for the child is a RIGHT she has definitely earned. 

No Booze… No Problem!

Keep mommy happy by replacing that drink, for the kitchen sink! Food is a vice she can still appreciate. Help cook meals, run to the grocery store for her cravings, or go out and “treat yourself” to a nice dinner. That once wine sipping lady can still be your ranch dipping buffalo wing queen!

Just be there…

So many men (or partners) are reluctant to get involved with the pregnancy. It makes a world of difference if your partner is participating in this huge life event. I make it a priority to be at all of Kelly’s doctor’s appointments. Just having a hand to hold and the knowledge of what her body is going through will help the relationship continue to grow and mature through this incredible experience. So, men, ask questions, read up, and be a shoulder to lean on when needed!

She is right…99% of the time…Until the birth

What a hormonal ride Kelly has been involved in. The mood swings can be drastic at times! So, gentleman, go with the flow. A number of times Kelly has had an opinion or stated something to be less than true. Instead of having a silly argument of trivial matter just say “good point, okay, or I was unaware,” whatever go-to co-worker language could be submitted in response. No need to stir the hornets’ nest at a time like this. 

These 5 simple tips will get you and your partner through the crazy, exciting, and challenging 9-month road to your special little guy or girl. 





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