Second Trimester Pregnancy Update

Sign Board Announcement, Second Trimester Pregnancy Update via. The Pacific Standard |

Relish the time in your second Trimester, it goes by quicker than you’d expect! It seemed to be almost too good to be true, in fact, any symptoms I was experiencing magically lifted when I entered week 14. No more weird food aversions, energy levels were back to normal, and my skin was glowing like no other! With more motivation to get back on track, I quickly took advantage of the time to continue working out and going to the gym. It may have been that because of this that I wasn’t gaining as much weight as I had expected. This isn’t to say that I wasn’t indulging in cravings! Let’s be real, food has certainly been a vice during this pregnancy (just ask Kevin!)

Sign Board Announcement, Second Trimester Pregnancy Update via. The Pacific Standard |
Sign Board Announcement, Second Trimester Pregnancy Update via. The Pacific Standard |

Back to Normal

The other thing that contributed to my uplifted sense of self and mood was that my sleep schedule was back to normal! No more tossing or turning, and plenty of quality ZzZs. Normally, we would have opted to spend this time to take our babymoon, but due to the holiday season falling within this time we opted to push it back. Speaking of the holiday season, this was definitely one time that I would have enjoyed a cocktail. Not that things were bad, in fact, they were great! But such a big part of gathering surrounds cheersing, being merry, and enjoying a cocktail or two. Needless to say, I still had a fun time ringing in the new year with my mocktail in hand!

Hello Maternity Clothing

In terms of day-to-day life, my growing belly did mean plenty of more time spent in comfy clothes or leggings. I finally purchase a few pairs of maternity leggings (seen here)! As well a handful of maternity tank tops for layering. During the work week, I pretty much live in a combination of the two. I stuck to dresses and skirts for fancier occasions and felt more than comfortable. Maternity denim for me is a lost cause, and while I did find an OK fit with this pair, they just don’t fit comfortably. They slip, don’t fit snug and more than require additional alterations.

Sign Board Announcement, Second Trimester Pregnancy Update via. The Pacific Standard |
Second Trimester Pregnancy Update via. The Pacific Standard |

Start Planning NOW!

I’ve been lucky enough to have a pretty smooth pregnancy that hasn’t required me to spend countless hours at the dr. office (which I am very thankful for!) So we took this time to start working on things like our registry and the nursery. In terms of registering the process is fun, but it can be super overwhelming at times! With so much on the market, it’s hard to determine what is actually needed and what won’t get used. I’m actually working on a separate post where I’ll be sharing all about this process.

see design plan here) Kevin has given me free rein to come up with the design and colors. Of course, his opinion is something I value, so we chose the big-ticket items together. While I don’t expect this to be an overnight process it would be great to have it completed by March.

Finding out the Gender!

I think the best thing about the second trimester was finding out the gender! If you missed it, we announced around 20-weeks! Being the impatient people we are we had picked out a few names if it had been a boy or girl, but finding out offically at my ultrasound was pretty damn special! Knowing that were having a girl I were then able to settle on a name, Evie Adelita Fordon - we can’t wait to meet you baby girl!




Skirt - ASOS | Tee cannot reccomend - poor quality :( | Loafers - ZARA (old) Similar | Sign Board | Baby headband - Amazon



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