Sweatin’ for the Wedding: How to Take Charge of Your Fitness Schedule

Sweatin’ for the Wedding: How to Take Charge of Your Fitness Schedule

I can’t believe I’m getting married in less than 6 months, so when I was asked to work with Z Living on promoting the premiere of their upcoming new show, Altar’d, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to share with you what I’m doing to get ready for my big day! As part of my  wedding journey and also somewhat of a New Year’s resolution I’ve decided to get my fitness schedule into shape. I’ve always been diligent when it comes to getting my behind to the gym or making time for an evening run but never have I made it a high priority. In my effort to sneak by with minimal effort I’ve lost the challenge and personal growth that can be achieved by pushing oneself to go further. In the next five and half months, I’ve tasked myself with changing the way I approach fitness. In an effort to jump start my fitness routine in a manner that is achievable I’ve decided to share the steps I’ve taken to create my schedule.  


Set Up a Schedule: 

We all have priorities involving a 9-5, family, and maybe even a second job but if Beyoncé can make time for it so can I! The easiest way to go about setting up a workout schedule is to fit it inconsistently. If you're like me and have a flexible work schedule, start the day early and head to a 45-minute class. Plan on committing three mornings a week to this schedule change. I prefer to have a break in between, and typically like Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Having this day off will allow your muscles to rest before jumping into things the following day.



Sometimes it helps to do it was a team! Teamwork makes the dream work, right? This is especially true when embarking on the way to the altar so why not confide in your partner to join you in your fitness journey. Personally, I prefer to run with someone, so Kev and I make a point to do an evening jog in the neighborhood a few times a week. Having someone by your side is a great way to challenge one another.


Do it for the Right Reasons:

The number one reason to jumpstart any fitness routine should be to live a healthier more active life. Remember that it’s not about losing a certain number of pounds but how you should feel after you began your fitness journey. This is especially true in Z Living’s new show Altar'd! The show follows around four engaged couples as they embark on their own fitness and health transformations before heading down the aisle.


During their three-month journey, the show will follow each individual through the challenges and accomplishments, which I find to be incredibly inspiring! Altar'd premieres Tuesday, January 17 at 8 pm, check your local provider for channel listings or just click here!


Sweatin’ for the Wedding: How to Take Charge of Your Fitness Schedule
Sweatin’ for the Wedding: How to Take Charge of Your Fitness Schedule