Wedding Wine Tasting with Garnacha

Wedding Wine Tasting with Garnacha via.

Fall always marks the time when things begin to slow down. This certainly rings true for me, and after this weekend we will be done with wedding season until our own next May. I’ve made a mental note to begin making further strides in the planning process. As stressful as planning can be, there is also a lot of fun to be had! One thing that stands out is putting together our wine selection for the cocktail hour and reception.

Living in Northern California, and being so close to wine country, Kev and I are incredibly lucky to have experienced delicious varietals both local and global. If you’re looking to offer your guest a few different options of wine, then I would highly suggest doing an at home (or venue) taste test. Aside from cabernets, pinots, and zins there are also several other red varietals to consider, especially those from Spain.

Wedding Wine Tasting with Garnacha via.
Wedding Wine Tasting with Garnacha via.
Wedding Wine Tasting with Garnacha via.

Recently we received a package from Wines of Garnacha, a wine region from eastern Spain. The region has been producing grapes from 20 years, and over the last several years has seen a resurgence thanks in part to its new team of winemakers. Garnacha specific climate helps them produce some of the best full-bodied reds, dry whites, and distinctive roses! One of my favorite thing about their red wine is that they pair so well with an array of courses, perfect for appetizers, main, and dessert.

When selecting wines for your wedding keep in mind that each wine profile is different and distinct. In particular Garnacha reds tend to have a fruitier taste upfront but, not as heavy as a cabernet. We actually opened a red varietal during a evening when we made BBQ chicken, and it paired perfectly with the savory/sweet notes. I've linked a few suggested tasting pairings that go perfectly with Garnacha red wines:


• Red Varietal – Light: poultry or pork, salmon or trout, barbecue foods.
• Red Varietal – Full-Bodied: meats, grilled foods, memorable meals (weddings!)
• Red Blend – Light: grilled foods, works both with meat & fish.
• Red Blend – Full-Bodied: grilled foods, spicy, flavored foods,  beef



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