DIY Sequin Sweater - Bonjour!


Sequins, cozy sweaters and french greetings, what could be a better fall DIY? After lusting over several  whimsical sweaters{here, here}, I decided to give making one a go!

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What you will need:
  • Sweater {Old Navy}
  • Sequins
  • Needle & Thread
  • Pins
  • Light Weight (thin) paper with printed font
  • Fabric Adhesive {Fabric Fusion}
  • Cardboard




Start by printing out the word of your choice on thin light weight paper. {I used the font Mistral at size 300 and oriented the paper to print horizontally.} Once your paper has been printed trim excess and position at the center of your sweater. If you use a large font like I did you should be able to eye-ball the location, if not use a ruler for guidance.

Next, pin printed paper to your sweater. Here comes that part that may seem a little weird, using a threaded needle start sewing through the letters. Now, this doesn't have to be perfect, this step is merely just a guideline for where you will be placing your sequins.

Sew through the entire word before removing the paper. It's crucial to use thin paper, otherwise when you remove the paper you will pull out all of your stitches {I learned this the hard way}.

After removing your pins and paper you will be left with a rough outline of where your sequins will go. It may not look like much, but it will be extremely helpful when figuring out where to start and stop your letters. Before gluing place a large piece of cardboard inside how your sweater to prevent sticking.

I recommend using sequins that are threaded together, placing individual sequins could take quite awhile. Apply sequins using a sturdy and flexible fabric adhesive, Fabric Fusion is great! Continue to apply sequins until you are happy with the outcome. 

Let sequins dry overnight and voila! A customized sequin sweater! I'll show you how I styled my sweater in a post later this week :)