DIY Glitter Monogram

monogram 2

Lately I've been obsessing over all thing monogrammed & glittered. Inspired and frankly underwhelmed with my current framed art I thought I'd add a little sparkle to my current collage of photographs. Using this fabulous monogram PDF, I downloaded and created my own monogram and printed it out as a template.





monogram 1

monogram & frame

Using scissors I cut out the three initials and tranced them each onto a thick art paper {similar}. I used a ruler to keep the letters centered and straight on the center of the paper. After I was satisfied with the current layout I mixed together glitter and Mod Podge to create a glittery paste. Using both a small and medium size paint brush I painted within the lines, letter by letter. 

Once a letter was coated with a layer of Mod Podge I then sprinkled on gold glitter. I did this the same for each individual letter making sure to brush off the excess glitter after each dusting. After all the letters were done, I went back and added Mod Podge and glitter so that all the corners were straight and filled in completely.