How I Met my Milestones with FAGE

How I Met my Milestones with FAGE via. Birdie Shoots

This post was written in partnership with FAGE total Split Cup, all opinions expressed here are my own!

A new year brings the promise of new opportunities to better the life we lead and further contribute to a healthier more fulfilling lifestyle. I talked briefly after the 1st of January about creating realistic resolutions and the course of action to take to help achieve them. One tip, in particular, advised setting milestones throughout the year to better manage loftier goals. I’m a huge believer in the idea that every day impacts the next which is why I’ve set up personal mini-resolutions in order to achieve larger ones. Health and fitness have always been something I’d strived to be better at and slowly but surely I’ve begun to take the steps to make them routine.

In this scheme of things, having a routine is huge when it comes to setting and surpassing goals. If exercise continues to feel like work or a burden to you, then it will always feel that way. Incorporating healthy habits into your day-to-day will help your body and mind to align.

How I Met my Milestones with FAGE via. Birdie Shoots
How I Met my Milestones with FAGE via. Birdie Shoots
How I Met my Milestones with FAGE via. Birdie Shoots

How I Met my Milestones

Changing my workouts from PM-AM:
For as long as I can remember I’ve loathed working out in the morning! It felt like pure torture to wake up only to have to exude a ton of energy I felt I did have. Over the last few months, I’ve pushed myself to get over this “idea” and see what I actually felt like after working out for several mornings, a few times a week. I’ll be totally honest, the first 7 AM class was harder than expected, but the feeling afterward was the reward I was looking for. By 8:30 I had done more with my mornings than I had in months, I felt productive and fulfilled and overall much more positive about the day ahead.

I’ve been participating in morning spin classes for almost 4 months now (I started my resolutions back in November) and have grown to love them. The crazy thing is I actually now prefer to do them early over afternoon or evening classes. I’ve got into the routine where I know exactly what my body needs to feel awake and ready to take on the day. One thing that goes hand-in-hand with this is knowing how to fuel your body after a hard class.

Avoid Skipping Meals & Enjoying Mid-day Snacks:
In the past, I would skip breakfast and enjoy an earlier lunch, but in the long run, this was doing much more harm than good. I would find myself craving certain breakfast foods, or indulging in too many alternatives that were high in carbohydrates or sugars. To aid in my goal of living a balanced lifestyle I returned to an old favorite, FAGE Total Split Cup! I love treating myself to quality, all-natural yogurts and have found that FAGE not only keeps me satisfied longer but also keeps my sweet-tooth at-bay. 

With two grams more protein than sugar, it’s a light guilt-free option to get you started. I opt for the 0% fat variety but FAGE Total Split Cups are also available in 2% and whole milk.

Not all snacking is bad, but too much of the wrong thing may throw your health goals off balance. Turning to protein-rich options like FAGE, raw nuts, or jerky will aid in your efforts to make smarter and healthier choices throughout your day. Find your own favorite fruit flavor here

How I Met my Milestones with FAGE via. Birdie Shoots
How I Met my Milestones with FAGE via. Birdie Shoots
How I Met my Milestones with FAGE via. Birdie Shoots
How I Met my Milestones with FAGE via. Birdie Shoots

Reward Yourself For Meeting Your Mini-Milestones:
It’s not all pain and no reward, treating yourself now and then can be a positive reinforcement when you finally reach those milestones. It’s no surprise that I love to shop, but one thing you may not know is how much a LOVE athleisure wear (who doesn’t) sometimes if I’ve had an especially hard week I’ll let myself splurge on a new pair of leggings or a tank-top. This is somewhat of a win-win considering it’ll continue to motivate me to go to class or out for a jog so I can wear them.

If you're training routine is a more strenuous path, you could also book a massage or even just take the evening to enjoy a long bath. Whatever you classify as rewarding for putting the time in!


I’m still continuing to put in the morning hustle in order to meet my year-long goal, but feeling much more positive about the process. I’d love to hear how your resolutions are going! How have you begun to tackle your goals this year?




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