2018 Men's Gift Guide

2018 Men's Holiday Gift Guide - via. The Pacific Standard | www.thepacificstandard.com



Men are notoriously tough to shop for, especially if they’re aren’t vocal about things they actually want or need! I always feel like I’m prying ideas out of Kevin, which often leads to a game of 21-questions just to get one or two solid ideas. My task is even tougher considering that Kev’s birthday month also happens to be December. In an effort to gather plenty of ideas for you to give the man in your life I’ve been working to round out plenty of personalized gifts that’ll go a long way this season.

I tend to stay away from clothing since these preferences tend to vary depending upon dress or body type. However, if you’re looking to invest in an item of clothing I’d suggest going with a cold-weather staple like a jacket or loungewear (which you really can’t go wrong with!)

Have you ever given a gift that hit it out of the park? I’d love to share additional suggestions should you have them!



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