Finding Your Signature Scent

Finding Your Signature Scent via. Birdie Shoots

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Have you ever found yourself aimlessly wandering the perfume department, feeling a bit overwhelmed? If this "so many perfumes, so little time" mantra has passed your mind then finding a signature scent probably has as well. Finding a perfume that embodies personality can be a difficult thing to decipher, especially if you're not sure what to look and smell for. Perfumes are complex and are created based on a combination of notes that can be used to further describe a scent when applied to the skin. These notes are what build each brand's signature fragrances and what you should keep in mind when choosing a scent for yourself.

Finding Your Signature Scent via. Birdie Shoots
Finding Your Signature Scent via. Birdie Shoots

There are three easy ways to find your perfect scent...

1. Learn Your Favorite Notes: Typically the "top" note of a scent is what your first smell when a perfume is sprayed. Next the "middle" notes, which are created to mask and create a better balance between the base notes and your body's natural scent. It's important to keep in mind that everyone's chemistry is completely different, and what you smell on the bottle may not smell the same on the skin, so when in doubt apply it!

2. Scent & Style: Often times a scent will be created to embody a certain type of fashion or style. Take for instances a feminine or floral perfume vs. a Sultry and sexy perfume. The two smell vastly different just as the fashion(s) or styles would also differ. This is an easy way to judge if a fragrance will align with your personality.  

3. Keep an Open Mind: What you see and smell may not always be what is delivered. Try and keep an open mind and look past a bottle's design and first whiff. Wear a perfume on wrist, and nape of the neck for a days time to see how the scent wears throughout the day. Often times fragrances will linger and fade, while other will wear within the hour, and these should be avoided. 

With tons of options choosing just one scent can be a challenge! Personally, after finding  my own fragrance "niche" trying out different brands was a lot of fun, especially when it came time to switch things up for a new season. To avoid paying too much or investing in a full bottle, I joined Scentbird, a personalized perfume delivered to you each month for only $14.95

Scentbird walks you through a personalized scent profile to let you figure out for yourself what niche you fall in. These questions were very easy and only took a few minutes. Once your scent profile is created the Scentbird team creates your unique dashboard, complete with their suggestions on which perfume you should try. Another huge bonus? Scentbird carries over 400 designer fragrances available for you to try. Through on own experience and through reading the reviews of hundreds of satisfied customers, joining Scentbird really is a must!



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