Must-Eat Brunch Spots in Richmond District

If theres one thing I've grown to appreciate since moving to San Francisco its the endless amount of fantastic restaurants! More specifically, the brunch spots here are some of the best, with endless mouth-watering menus its hard to just choose five. If I could eat one meal for the rest of my life it would have to be breakfast. I love pretty much anything and never pass-up an opportunity to add a Bloody Mary or mimosa with my meal.  

Freshly Made Biscuits via. Corner Store San Francisco
Biscuit Stack via. Corner Store San Francisco


Centrally located on Masonic and Geary, Corner Store is serving up some of the best brunch classics that are anything but that. Their menu although small packs both flavor in just about everything they offer. Theres a few menu items that are "must-order" every time I go. For starters order up one of their pancakes and plan on sharing with friends. This giant (plate size) fluffy cake may very well be one of the best I've ever had. If breakfast sando's are your idea of the ultimate breakfast then you can't pass up their biscuit stack. This savory little minx of a meal is served on freshly made on a biscuit dripping with gooey egg, your choice of meat and the most mouth-watering cheddar-thyme mornay sauce. If sweet items are more your style, try the french toast. Whipped up with challah bread and topped with freshly cut berries and if thats not enough a drizzle of mixed berry jam and powdered sugar complete this meal.


If you like your eggs and bacon served with a side a endless pacific views than Louis' is the place to be. Louis' is a must-eat San Francisco staple and has been serving up American diner favorites sine 1937. The small yet quant establishment is first-come-first serve, and let me tell you, the place has a line well before 9am. Being the creature of habit that I am, I stick to a few menu favorites, the Omelette(s) and Waffles. The omelettes are fluffy and classic in form and are served with a side of mouth-watering potatoes and an english muffin. Speaking of english muffin, you must, yes must try their fruit jellys, they are heavenly! 

Must-Eat Brunch Spots in Richmond District SF


Let me start by saying this is not your average brunch place. In fact, I would go as far as to say some may think of this place as a "Dive". I however, would would call it more of a neighborhood hot spot. The first time I enjoyed Chomp and Swig was actually for a late lunch, and the group I was with was so impressed that we ended up ordering an extra round food. Aside from their tasty lunch menu, their breakfast fare is nothing to skoff at. Start your meal with a round of bottomless mimosas and order the breakfast burrito or biscuits and gravy..or both if you're feeling extra hangry or hungover. 

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