Winter Skin Hydration

Winter Skin Detox & Hydration via.

It's safe to say that perfecting my skincare routine has been a bit of a hobby of mine. One of the great benefits of being a beauty blogger is the ability to try new products from a variety of cosmetic companies. Through test and trial, I always find that the moisturizer and serums I gravitate towards most are those which do double-duty to hydrate my skin. Chatting with friends and family I've found that most people use either a serum or a moisturizer and very rarely do they use both!

If you're someone who falls into the latter category I'd highly recommend introducing a dynamic duo into your skincare routine. Using both products, especially those that are created to be worn together (and to target the same concerns) can work wonders on the skin.

Winter Skin Detox & Hydration via.
Winter Skin Detox & Hydration via.
Winter Skin Hydration with Clarins Paris via.

What I love about Clarins is how targeted their skincare products are. I've used their toning lotion and sunscreen for years, so falling for their Hydra-Essentiel Serum and Moisturizer was an obvious fit. Both formulas are non-oily and still deliver max hydration to the skin. If you're like me and just cannot stand when your makeup or skin appear dry, then having a product that delivers is a must! 

It's no secret that finding a balance between a moisturizing product and one that won't weigh down pores, or leave your skin with a silky residue after applying is a hard task to accomplish. Instead of sitting on top of the skin, the serum soaks deep into your tissue to soften and further hydrate the skin. 

Winter Skin Detox & Hydration via.



What are your biggest winter-related beauty concerns?