5 Year-round Wellness Habits to Add to Your Routine

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5 Year-round Wellness Habits to Add to Your Routine

The thought of incorporating or starting new habits can be daunting. This is especially true if you’re of the stubborn variety, like myself, and find that old habits do die hard. However, given that we live during a time when guidance is at our fingertips it seems almost selfish to let these depict how our daily routines will run. Investing time into wellness routines that are consistent will not only aid in your everyday life, but also help jump start other habits that once felt like a burden to establish. I’ve complied a list of the top 5 routines I utilize day-to-day and hope one or two of these will resonate with your own healthy habits.

5 Year-round Wellness Habits to Add to Your Routine via. The Pacific Standard


What some people don’t realize is how therapeutic writing down a quick thought can be. It takes less than a minute to do and can be extremely helpful when it comes to easing emotions or feelings. I find that working from the computer for most of the day, I neglect putting pencil to paper. The act of actually jotting something down can be incredibly freeing, especially when you need to get something off your chest. Many people I know keep journals by their bed and prefer to write a couple lines a day before closing their eyes or just after waking up in the morning.

There are a TON of great options, like bullet journals and one line a day books that help guide this routine. Shoot, you could even just write something down on a post-it and toss it when your done. The fact of the matter is that writing these feelings down can help lighten your mind.

5 Year-round Wellness Habits to Add to Your Routine via. The Pacific Standard
5 Year-round Wellness Habits to Add to Your Routine via. The Pacific Standard


It shouldn’t come as a surprise that wellness routines should extend to caring for your physical self. Bathroom habits are amongst some of the most important routines that we do on a daily basis, so why shouldn’t you be treating your bottom to the superior clean and care it deserves? In our household, we utilize both Cottonelle® Ultra ComfortCare® Toilet Paper and Cottonelle® FreshCare Flushable Wipes. Obviously, all bath tissue isn’t created equally, and many of the products on the market aren’t far off from sandpaper. Cottonelle® Bath Tissue is 3 times stronger and thicker than the leading national bath tissue value brand. Not only that it's the softest, thickest, most absorbent Cottonelle® toilet paper on the market.

When used in conjunction with Cottonelle® FreshCare Flushable Wipes it’s a regime that can’t be beat. These flushable wipes aren’t your run of the mill brand either! They are sewer-safe & septic-safe with SafeFlush Technology® and start to break down immediately after flushing. Thats 6x faster than other competitors, and wont create a back-up nightmare for your septic tank system. A wet and dry routine is one that gives you superior clean that is essential to a bathroom regimen.

Thanks to the convenience of the Walmart Online Grocery service, it couldn’t be easier to incorporate a wet and dry routine. You can add non-food items like Cottonelle® to your Walmart Online Grocery order, and request a pick up all in the same day. See if your Walmart offers online grocery services here!

5 Year-round Wellness Habits to Add to Your Routine via. The Pacific Standard
5 Year-round Wellness Habits to Add to Your Routine via. The Pacific Standard


Just as hunger can make you hangry, dehydration can make you feel like you’re moving in slow motion. This is one habit that is told to us over and over again, but yet many of us fail to achieve on a daily basis. Staying on top of water drinking can mean avoiding brain fog, headaches, and feeling sleepy or tired. There are ways you can help you become a diligent water drinker. These don’t include shelling out extra cash on a 1 gallon water bottle or hydration supplements. You could align drinking a glass with an activity or routine to help you remember. For example, before you have enjoy a meal or snack. Alternatively, if you find yourself opposed to drinking water, try diluting juices or beverages with ice and water. Getting on track with your water intake will only aid in your overall well being!


It goes without saying that going to a doctor is not something many of us look forward to. It is however, a habit that is incredibly important to incorporate into your routine. It may not be something that we need to focus on daily, but it should be something that we can rely on. A prolonged issue or problem can lead to more complicated issues if left unchecked. I think most of us would rather be over-cautious than put off seeing a specialist. This is why its so essential to schedule regular physicals and check-ups for extra precautions, especially if you have a family history or preexisting conditions that require this.


In this fast paced life we live in, doing 17-things at once has become the norm. Not only that but feeling the need to be constantly connected to our emails and social media can be incredibly draining. Now more than ever it’s important to spend time disconnecting. Spending even 20 minutes a day free of your devices can help restart the mind. Many people recommend light meditation, yoga, or exercise during this down time. For me, running helps to ease my thoughts and to restore endorphins and clarity.

These are only a few easy healthy habits you can utilize. How do you promote wellness in your day-to-day routine? Thank you to Cottonelle ® and Collective Bias, Inc. for sponsoring this post!



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