Sleek and Soft Waves Hair Tutorial

Sleek and Soft Waves Hair Tutorial via.

If you’ve ever been behind the scenes at NYFW, you know that it can be both exhilarating and complete utter chaos. Behind the chaos of models, hair stylist, and design assistants lies the ultimate inspiration. From sleek waves locks to bohemian braids, hair trends are truly born behind the curtains of the catwalk. I’ve partnered with Moroccanoil to bring these styles to you, teaching you the easiest way to replicate this style in the comfort of your home. 

The first style that caught my attention is 70s inspired bouncy waves. Both sleek and soft these waves are the ultimate bombshell style. Being that I don’t have hair down to my waist I’ll be replicating this style on medium hair but, you could try this on any length!

Sleek and Soft Waves Hair Tutorial Via.

Sleek and Soft Wave Tutorial

  1. Start with clean hair. I would suggest first washing hair with a shine infused formula. This will enhance the overall softness of the hair. Apply a dime-size amount of Moroccanoil smoothing lotion to the ends of hair. This will tame frizz and keep fly aways from popping up!
  2. Blow dry hair with round brush pulling hair up from the root to enhance volume. The ends of hair should be slightly flicked out, but not overly rounded under (see image).
  3. Once hair is completely dry spray a light-hold hairspray over all hair, and brush out. This technique preps hair to hold curls better. 
  4. With a 1 inch curling iron begin sectioning off hair (1/2") and curling away from the face. If you have longer hair go up a half inch for the iron, i.e. 1 1/2". Once all hair is curled brush out with a paddle brush. 
  5. Since hair was all curled in the same direction a wave style will have been created. Add a touch of Moroccanoil treatment through strands and finish with flexible hairspray. 
Sleek and Soft Waves Hair Tutorial Via.
Sleek and Soft Waves Hair Tutorial Via.



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