Summer Sangria

Nothing is better on a hot Sunday afternoon than a refreshing glass of sangria. I love the sweet fruity taste combined with a hint of carbonation. I tend to prefer white sangria over red, I feel like there is more complex depth of flavor, that can be achieved with a dry white wine.

I used a combination of 2 different white wines, a sauvignon blanc and a light* moscato. (*this particular brand isn't as sweet as the traditional moscato wines, it has many of the fruit flavors that I added to the mix)

What you need:
1 bottle sauvignon blanc
1/2 bottle  light* moscato
1/2 C Peach Liqueur
1 half Honeydew melon (balled)
3 C Sliced Strawberries
1 Green Apple
1 Peach pitted and sliced
Sparkling water
Ice / Frozen Blueberries

Combine all sliced/ diced/ balled fruit in a large container. Add peach liqueur, and stir until well mixed with fruit, add wine. Refrigerate overnight, this allows the fruit to macerate and absorb the added liquids. When ready to serve pour the sangria over ice {I froze blueberries, instead of ice so it would not water-down the drink}, top with carbonated or sparkling water.

Enjoy outdoors with you favorite people :)

{I used a combination of these 12 , 3 recipes}