National Runner's Day

Yahoo, brings out your sneaks, throw on some good jams and get out the door! Today (first Wednesday in June) marks national runners day. I wish I could say I've always loved running, but that's far from the case..

Being involved with sports for the larger part of my life, I was forced to develop a love-hate relationship with all things running. Blame it on the 110 degree days of soccer training and the 6 am Saturday morning team runs. When it came to running as a hobby, it was dreaded like the plague. After I ended my love-affair with soccer, running unfortunately slipped away as well. I found myself confined to the gray walls of the gym and did exercise inside for the most part. It all began a few years into college when I was inspired in part to my amazing cross-country running roommate, and the desire to have no limitations to my work-outs.

I started slow and eventually began to add miles to my runs. There is no comparison to outdoor runs and those spend on the treadmill. I'm not trying to mock gym workouts, you just can't capture the feeling of breathing fresh air and taking in what's around you, when you're stuck inside. Now several years later, I couldn't imagine not running. It's my own personal me-time where I can get out excess energy or stress. To keep my workouts interesting I enjoy doing fun-races* and challenge myself to take on monthly challenges. This month I will run 100 miles in 30 days, which fingers-crossed, I will conquer!

Here are some up-coming 5k Fun Races to check-out!!

The Color Run
The Giant Run
Kiss Me Dirty Mud Run

So what are you waiting for?!? Hit the pavement & enjoy it  no run is ever too short :)