Life's Little Lustings

Good quality headphones. One of the best purchases I've made that actually has lasted me quite awhile. You can't beat the sound quality

Since I write almost every day, it's crucial to have a bevy of pens. I always write my stories down before I transfer them to a word document. Having a selection of colors makes the work that much more enjoyable.

Can't say it enough once you rest your head on high thread count pillows you'll never look back. It's something of a small{er} investment, but one you wont regret. Although 500 is only half way between something standard and luxurious, it's a lot softer than the run of the mill sheets.

Rescue dog. There's nothing more special you can do for an animal then to rescue a dog or cat. We have always found our dogs through animal shelters, and personally I will never buy from a pet shop or breeder. As they say different strokes for different folks...but still, there is something to be said about people who adopt :)

Vacation. If you have the time do it! Travel wide and travel far.
{It's that simple}