How to Water Marble Nails

I've been dying to try this cool nail trend for some time. I picked up a few bright colors from China Glaze the other day and I thought what a great time it was to finally try it out! After watching several water marbling videos on YouTube (here & here) I was ready to give it a go. Well, it's much harder than it looks...or maybe it just was for me {haha}. I had to practice a few times before I truly got the hang of it, but after trial and error came the result I was looking for!

Part mod, part nail art, each nail turned out completely different than the other. This can get a little messy, so keep nail polish remover and towels handy!

Nail Polish Used: Yellow : China Glaze Happy Go Lucky / Green : China Glaze Entourage / Base Coat OPI & Seche Vite.

Get Creative!