July Beauty Favorites

July Beauty Favorites via. www.birdieshoots.com

Last month I was finally able to start testing out new beauty and hair products! I had thrown out a ton of empties and made room for some newbies and out favorites. I had two weddings to attend which means full-out glam mode was a must.


It! Cosmetics Super Hero Palette Review via. www.birdieshoots,com


I've really been into smokey eyes, and loved the results of the IT Cosmetics Superhero palette. Theres 12 shades, 3 fair base colors, 6 neutrals, and 3 liner shades. The overall tone of the colors is on the cooler side, which is a change for me since I normally opt for warmer shades. A few colors that I've been loving in particular is Superstar and Pow. The whole palette blends really nicely, and it's definitely something I didn't already have in my collection.


I am all about the matte lip hype! There just something so reliable about a product that has the stay power, and doesn't require constant touch ups. NXY's relatively new line, lip lingerie, is one of the best matte lipsticks I've tried to date. It dries much softer than their soft matte lip cream, and doesn't give you that thirsty look

NYX Cream Base Shadow Review via. www.birdieshoots,com
NYX Cream Base Shadow Review via. www.birdieshoots,com


This is a return favorite! I forgot how much I enjoy the neutral skin-tone color and the blend-ability of the product. The only thing is you have to work fast when applying a base shadow, otherwise the cream will crease. 

Function Shampoo & Conditioner Review via. www.birdieshoots,com

 Shampoo & Conditioner

Lately, I've been having major issue with my scalp being dry (TMI?). The water here in the city just doesn't work with my hair texture, which often leaves me with a weird combination of excess oils and dry skin. I've tried countless shampoo and conditioner combination (OGX works Moroccan Oil great) but, this takes the cake. I'm sure this is largely in part due to the fact that each of their products is customized to address your hair needs. I was actually gifted these from the Function of Beauty, and they not only look good but, also work wonders for your locks. I'd highly recommend giving them a try especially if your like me and have multiple hair concerns.

Fall 2016 Essie Polish Favorites  Review via. www.birdieshoots,com
Fall 2016 Essie Polish Favorites  Review via. www.birdieshoots,com


I know, big surprise, Essie product winding up in another favorites. In all honestly, Essie is by far my favorite line of nail polish. I love their assortment of shades, and the finish always seems to last a 7 + days. I recently picked up the drying drops (on accident) and have been pleasantly surprised by how well they work. Normally, I paint my nails on Sunday or Monday evening and wind up waking up in the morning with at least one wavey nail (struggles). I just apply a drop or two on each nail about a minute after apply and a top coat. In 8-10 minutes my nails are pretty much completely dry, its a huge time saver!

I'd love to hear your new favorites, shoot me a comment below and quality for the It! Cosmetics Superhero / fall beauty giveaway. You can earn additional entries by using the Rafflecopter widget below:

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