Bohemian Ponytail Tutorial & Giveaway

Bohemian Ponytail hair tutorial via.

From time to time I get bored with my hair. Instead of jumping to dramatic changes like chopping it off or dying it some random color, I turn to Pinterest. Of course, turning to Pinterest for inspiration is nothing new but, it is a great place to get out of a hair style funk. I’ve admired the natural style of Free People shoots for awhile now, and when I saw this loose bohemian style I knew I had to recreate it.

Bohemian Ponytail hair tutorial via.

1. Ponytails are the best when hair is soft, shiny, and full of definition. To make sure my hair was in tip-top shape I first started by washing with Dessange Paris Shampoo and conditioner. The formula enhances shine and makes my balayage smooth and defined.

2. Next apply 2 dime-sized drops of Top Coat Serum Treatment to the ends of your hair. Adding this serum will not only protect your hair from the sun but, will also keep hair from looking dry and brittle.

3. With a 1” curling iron lightly curl the front pieces of hair.

4. Using your fingers comb through the curls separating into individual smaller sections.

5. With a clear elastic pull all of hair back into a low ponytail, an inch or so above your neckline.

6. Next, pull a few stands loose from the elastic letting them frame the front of your face.

This style is meant to be loose and natural, if you have long layers or bangs feel free to pull more hair out of the ponytail.

Bohemian Ponytail Tutorial & Giveaway


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