A Very Minted Christmas & Giveaway

A Very Minted Christmas & Giveaway via. www.birdieshoots.com

For the past several years we've tasked ourself to shoot our own holiday cards. It's something I picked up from a photographer I used to work for, and I have had so much fun doing, it ever since. Now, I'm not saying the tripod and timer are the route for everyone but, if you enjoy photographer and have a knack for being creative I'd highly suggest it.

As I'm sure many of you know photography is a huge part of my business and blog. I'm lucky to have Kevin take a majority of my images, which has increased the quality and frequency of m posts. Having him on board is not only a huge help but, also makes the experience much more fun. As much as I enjoy putting together looks and posing in front of the camera, I also love to be behind it.

Now only will you save a bit on this DIY approach, but it's also a blast to plan out the location, theme, and yes, choose the final image!

A Very Minted Christmas & Giveaway, Tips on taking your own christmas photo via. www.birdieshoots.com
A Very Minted Christmas & Giveaway, Tips on taking your own christmas photo via. www.birdieshoots.com


This is one tip I can't stress enough! Finding a sturdy well-made tripod is essential. Since this will essentially be your photographer it's important to invest in a brand that will be easy to maneuver but, steady enough to hold a pricey camera. We use a Manfrotto model that makes set-up and break-down a breeze. The legs are super sturdy and can extend to all different heights.  

Pose but, don’t over do it!

The best looking shots are always those that happen organically. Chances are you’ll wind up having 2-3 of these during your entire shoot. It may be a moment of laughter or something that takes your mind off the situation but, more than often these are the keepers! To keep things as natural as they can be, check out Pinterest or other couples shots you admire. Study the poses that they are in are mimic them (really it's that simple!)

A Very Minted Christmas & Giveaway via. www.birdieshoots.com


One of the best things about the DIY approach is scouting a location. Now, I'm not saying that you need to travel far and wide to get the perfect shot. Some of the most creative shots can be done from your own home. Our photos were taken just up the street but, have the illusion of being in a forest (it's all about perspective!).


I've teamed up with Minted to give to two winners the chance to win $125 giftcard. To enter leave a comment with your favorite design and enter using the link below!