5 Foolproof Tips for A Smooth Road Trip

5 Full Proof Tips for A Smooth Road Trip via. www.birdieshoots.com

Growing up we can all remember the classic words, "are we there yet?" Road trips can be brutal if you're not prepared with things to fill your spare time. Kev and I do smaller trips (5-8 hrs) quite a bit, so we've got the hang of planning out the trip to make the time fly by!

Pick the Scenic Route

So often people are so concerned with arriving at their final destination that they often times miss the things around them. If you leave early enough (and avoid traffic) always take the scenic route! Often times we'll pull off the road if we see a cool photo spot or a small town where we can stretch our legs and grab a bite to eat. Really, nothing is worse than driving endless roads with nothing but, the same view for miles upon miles! 

Entertain the Mind

Half the battle with road trips is the lack of entertainment, filling your phone with a great playlist, an audio book or a new podcast will make the time fly by! If I'm driving solo I prefer to download an audiobook while if Kev is with me we have better luck agreeing on a podcast! Some of our favorites are below:

CriminalThis was one of my first podcast I started listening to, I love the narrator's voice and the quick episodes capture even the shortest attention span.
My Favorite Murder - If you haven't already listened do yourself a favor and add it to your podcast library now!
Anna Faris is Unqualified - Super funny, with celebrity guests that last about an hour per episode.
S-TownFrom the creator's of Serial comes this oddly entertaining and thought-provoking podcast. This probably isn't a great listen if you're traveling with small children*
Up and Vanished - Another crime podcast dedicated to solving (1) case one episode at a time. The difference with this is that it is now media-relevant thanks to advances in the case. 
This American LifeIra Glass has the perfect voice for radio. This American Life is a collection of stories, history, and interviews based on a weekly theme. Sometimes I can't always relate but, I enjoy 90% of the topics he covers!

Create a Playlist

When it comes to creating a playlist I use Spotify and create and add to them before heading out on the road. Make sure you add them to your phone instead of using 4G as this can complete drain your data!

5 Full Proof Tips for A Smooth Road Trip via. www.birdieshoots.com
5 Full Proof Tips for A Smooth Road Trip via. www.birdieshoots.com
5 Full Proof Tips for A Smooth Road Trip via. www.birdieshoots.com

Go for Comfort

If you're planning on spending any more than 4 hours in the car definitely opt for comfort over fashion! During the summer I opt for loose Levi cutoffs and a tee-shirt. In the winter time, yoga pants and a sweatshirt are the way to go.  

Pack Snacks

If you're cruising with someone who isn't the biggest fan of stopping or taking the long way, consider packing up a cooler with drinks and snacks. During road trips I always find myself wanting to munch on something. For quick mess-free snacks try stocking up on a few bites at Trader Joes! We love their trail mix, fruit leathers, and mixed popcorn (which can get messy.) I also tend to get dehydrated when traveling so I always make sure to pack a large water bottle and tumbler with straw - which helps me drink more!


Are you a fan of road trips?