Sheet Mask 101

Sheet Mask 101, how to apply and what the best brands are! via.

At this point, I'd classify myself as a mask-aholic. If there was any sort of cause to my never-ending collection it's the introduction of the sheet mask. Just a little over a year ago I'd hardly ever put on a mask unless I was having a "treat yo-self" day at home; which happened maybe once or twice a month. Ever since sheet mask mania hit the market I've been a fiend for the latest in facial treatments. Both Korean and American beauty companies have stepped up their game to driver quick, easily, and not to forget, selfie mouthy masks to the beauty obsessed. Now, I use a mask once or twice a week, especially if I have an event to go to. I definitely have my favorites and keep purchasing brands that actually deliver, not to mention are pay check friendly.

Sheet Mask 101, what brands to buy now! via.


All of the Tony Moly masks are a bargain. I actually purchased a pack of 14 for just over $12 on Amazon. A total deal considering they sell them for $3 a piece at Sephora and Ulta Beauty. My go-to favorites are the brightening and calming masks. They help perk and even out my skin, not to mention they make makeup application look flawless!