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Blogging Basics, your all-in-one guide to knowing which influencer networks are right for you! Includes full list and links of different networks! via.

A month ago after a grabbing coffee with a fellow SF blogger (check out her site here) we got to talking about blogging basics, you know, the 101 behind owning and writing a blog. We chatted about everything from picking a platform to socializing with other bloggers. It made me realize that many of my other fellow bloggers may be interested in hearing my experience, advice, and no BS tips to operating a successful site. Now, I’m by no means a blogging expert but, after 5 years of writing Birdie Shoots, I do know a thing or two!

To keep this fun, informative and to the point, I’ll be sharing 3 helpful tidbits a month to see if you guys enjoy the content. I’m hoping to collaborate with other fashion and beauty bloggers to gain their insight and feedback about their own blogging journey, so if you're interested shoot me an email! To kick things off I’m going to share about a topic I get asked about ALL the time, the 411 behind applying and joining blogging networks.

When I first started blogging making money was the last thing on my mind! More than anything I wanted a place to share my thoughts about fashion. A few hundred posts later and years spent struggling with the self-timer I was approached by my first network. They reached out through email to spark my interest in a review-based (non-compensation) platform for beauty and lifestyle products. Honestly, I was stoked! I loved that someone was interested in my blog, besides my family or friends.

At the time, the sponsors (gifters) were hit and miss, but every now and then a beauty company would come through that I actively followed. I started applying to these campaigns thinking uniquely about the content and reviews I could create based on their needs. Through honest, and thoughtful content I was able to gain eyeballs and genuine readers. I guess you could say that from here I ‘graduated’ and worked my way up to thinking about my blog as a possible income maker. Still, 2 years ago I never imagined to be in the place I’m at and thought more of this money as a rent/grocery contribution, or the occasional shopping trip.

The first real network I joined to sponsor my content was MODE (previously GLAM). I am still a part of the MODE fashion team today, and really thank them for connecting me with the opportunities and brands I’ve had the pleasure of working with. I occasionally collaborate with outside PR companies and non-contract binding networks (will list below). One of the biggest things I can’t stress enough is learning to walk with your blog before expecting to run. Unless you posses super-blog powers don’t expect to join an affiliate/sponsored network overnight.

Take the time to build up quality content with plenty of delicious visuals and prove to yourself that you are committed to writing a blog, because if you don’t believe the content you write then why sounds a brand? If this is something you’ve been working towards and are ready to take the leap, then by all means apply!! I would suggest looking through each network and seeing what the companies are all about. They should accurately reflect your blogging aesthetic and align with your content. If you don’t find your answers online, shoot their team an email and ask your questions.

Most networks are more than happy to help and see if you are a good fit. My last and final advice, if you get rejected don’t take it personally! Many of these networks have strict guidelines and policies (pageviews, content, readership) and you may not be a good fit at that time. Keep it positive and roll with these punches, there is plenty of fabulous communities to join that will help you grow and expand your blog!

So, give it to me straight, was this helpful? If you’d like to see more content like this or have any questions shoot me an email or ask in the comments below :)





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