Denim Days of Summer

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If there's one closet essential I cannot live without, it’s denim. Although, my daily uniform may vary from sweater to blouse to jacket, it never strays far from a solid pair of jeans. I've tried, tested, and lived in dozen of pairs loving some and leaving others in the dark depths of my wardrobe. When it comes to picking and choosing fit and style, I love to experiment with different styles! Denim is incredibly versatile and depending upon your personal aesthetic you can normally find a variety of options! When Target challenged me to take their new denim line for a 2-week test drive it was a challenge I gladly accepted. Aside from being a Target girl through and through I was curious to see just what exactly their line was all about.

Target Denim Days of Summer via. Birdie Shoots

I kicked off my 14-day challenge with a pair of mid-rise skinny jeans. The rise on the hem was incredibly comfortable and made moving around all day a breeze. The hem hit right at my ankle making them the perfect companions to showcase a great pair of shoes. At first I was skeptical about the whiskers contrasting too much, but they actually complemented the wash and ended up being my go-to pair over the course of the 2 weeks.

Target Denim Days of Summer via. Birdie Shoots

In an effort to switch things up, I opted to channel my inner 70s siren in a pair of high-waisted bell bottoms. I was incredibly excited about this particular style when my shipment arrived. The wash, fade, and distressed elements were perfection! The fit wore more like my favorite pair of jeans and less like something that was brand new, which if you asked me is pretty incredible. I styled these primarily with heeled or wedged boots to get the full effect of the bell bottoms. The style lended nicely to an off the shoulder peasant blouse, basic white tee, and a dressier silk tank. These jeans were by far my favorite fitting jeans, the denim was incredibly soft and really flattered my figure.

Target Denim Days of Summer via. Birdie Shoots

The third style that rounded out my 14-day denim challenge was none other than the boyfriend jean. Both slouchy and distressed, this well worn pair was my weekend warrior. I wore them everywhere from the farmers market, to an impromptu picnic, and even to birthday party! The loose style hit right below my hips with a wider leg and the hem featured a cuffed leg, which I loved! I normally reserve my boyfriend jeans for casual events, but I decided to go outside my comfort zone and try this style with a heel. To my surprise I loved the look! I felt amazing, not to mention I received several compliments on both my outfit and my new denim! 

Throughout my 14-day trial I was pleasantly surprised by how much I loved the different styles. I was able to push myself out of my normal “style” to try a few new looks, which makes me want to expand my normal denim line-up in the future. I’d love to know which denim styles you wear most, and which styles are on your must-try list?

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