Short Style, Dutch Side Braid

Dutch Side Braid tutorial via. Birdie Shoots

I am constantly in awe of people that can braid like no ones business! In fact, some well-known bloggers have made their sites the go-to destination for all things braids. In an effort to switch up my routine I decided to take a departure from my normal 'french braid" styles and work in a few new looks. Festival season is upon us and theres nothing I love more than a great style that will keep hair out my my face while looking chic at the same time.

This dutch side braid is perfect for both long and short lengths, and looks great while dancing the night away. The braid itself is pretty simple, and is essentially an inverted french braid. So, instead of going over the top of the hair, you will be crossing under!

Dutch Side Braid Tutorial via. Birdie Shoots

1. Part hair to the left or right, brush through to ensure hair is tangle free.
2. Pick up a section of hair at the top corner of the part, and divide hair into three sections
3. Cross the right strand (closest to the face) under the middle strand.Next, cross the left stand under the center strand.
4. With the strand closet (right) to the face pick up another small section of hair and add it to the right portion. Cross the right stand under the middle.
5. With the left stand (farthest from face) pick up another small section of hair and add it, cross under the center strand. 
6. Repeat the pattern, adding hair to the right, crossing under the center, adding hair to the left, and adding hair to the center.
7. Continue until you reach the ear. Once you do, continue with a basic normal braid, secure with a clear elastic.
8. With a bobby-bin pin the paid under the section of hair (to conceal). Finish with strong hold hair spray.

Dutch Side Braid tutorial via. Birdie Shoots