Two Holiday Hairstyles

Holiday Hair Tutorial via. Birdie Shoots

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Winter beauty, often pictured through signature makeup looks of highlighted cheeks and a signature red lip. But, holiday beauty isn't just cosmetics! Having a polished and styled updo will keep you looking festive and fashion forward. This season I'll be keeping my locks styled in three different ways, each perfect for any holiday occasion!


Bardot & A Bow

What you’ll Need: Hairspray | Teaser (for Backcombing) | Curling Wand | Black Ribbon (via. Target) | Clear elastics

Bardot Style Bow Tutorial via. Birdie Shoots

What would a holiday hair guide be without a classic up-do? This style is equal parts girly and timeless, and can be recreated on virtually any hair length. Start by creating a half-up half down style. Gather the hair on the “down” section and clip to the side. With the top portion of hair into divide two sections, one on the backside of the head and another framing the face. With the back section use a teaser or comb to backcomb hair. Once hair has a moderate amount of volume layering the front portion of hair over to this and secure with a clear elastic. Next cut a 1 ½ section of ribbon, and tie around the pony to create a bow. I like to cut the ribbon a little longer and have the tails of hang towards the ends of my hair.

Seasonal Updo

What you’ll Need: Curling Wand | Hairspray | Headband ( via. Target)

Seasonal Updo via. Birdie Shoots

If you’re feeling a bit more festive try incorporating a headband or accessory with a bit of sparkle. Headbands with elastic are a great base to create a variety of looks that don’t take much time. For this style I started by curling my the lower portion of my hair. Next, I brushed out the curls, careful not to overbrush into static. I sprayed with a light-hold hair spray and parted hair down the center. With a headband of your choice pull directly on top of head, like you would a hat.

Starting to one side of the head begin wrapping sections of hair over the elastic band in a curling fashion. Work around the entire head making sure the wrapped pieces are in a crown-like fashion. Once all hair has been wrapped, try loosening a few front sections to frame the face. This style is more about a ‘relaxed and carefree beauty than being too polished, so feel free to experiment!

Sleek & Polished

What you’ll Need: CHI Flatiron | Hairspray | Teaser (for Backcombing)

I first spotted this style on who other than Beyonce herself! I love the attitude and sleekness that this look brings, not to mention it's great for women looking for a fashion forward style! To recreate this on a more ‘wearable level’ I’ve focused more on sleekness and less on height, but you're free to do up or down as you please! The style is best started with 1 day unwashed hair, your strands will be much more manageable this way. To start section off a portion of hair starting slightly above your temples and rounding out towards the crown of your head.

Next, clip hair on top of the head for later styling. With the remaining hair framing your face, pull tautly back and secure with a clear elastic right under the previously sectioned hair. Make sure this hair is very tight and bumps or loose hairs have been secured.  Release the top section of hair and divide, leave a front and back portion. With the front (closet to face) begin to backcomb or tease hair, creating volume all around your head. Repeat this step with the back portion of hair.

Using the same comb brush teased hair into a manageable volume. Hair should be able to stand on it own, if not repeat the teasing from the previous step. Finish style with a strong hold hair spray, making sure to smooth frizz or flyaways.

What updo style will you rock this holiday season?

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