It's Sweater Weather

Sweater Dressing via. Birdie Shoots

When nearing October my mind automatically thinks of a few things (in no special order)

  1. Fall Sweaters

  2. Pumpkin Spice

  3. Hocus Pocus

Obviously, I have preferential treatment towards #3 because, it is one of the best seasonal movies..of all time. That being said, I still love cozying up in fall sweater. Usually, I go more for texture and print than any particular color or cut. With the early debuts of many fall lines burgundy and rich euro white seem to be brand favorite. I'm also loving the old fisherman style knits, they remind me of 90s Ralph Lauren ads (ahh, the good ole' days). 


1. Plaid | 2. Mixed Media | 3. Check Pattern | 4. Houndstooth | 5. Jacquard | 8. Colorblock | 7. Windowpane  




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