But First Coffee, At Home Cold Brew

DIY At Home Cold Brew via. Birdie Shoots
Cold Brew via. Birdie Shoots
DIY At Home Cold Brew via. Birdie Shoots
DIY At Home Cold Brew via. Birdie Shoots
DIY At Home Cold Brew via. Birdie Shoots

Happy National Coffee Day! I'm a creature of habit, and when it comes to mornings I am not always the nicest person. Enter coffee, the brewed to perfection morning companion I can not live without! Due to the weather reaching well into the 80s I'm often tempted to revisit my companion mid-day, this time with a little ice!

Lately, cold brews seem to be all the rage, not exactly sure why- aside from the fact that it is refreshing and delicious! With the surge of popularity comes to oh so annoying price increase. Since I'm not a huge fan of paying $20 for a small jug of coffee concentrate from Whole Foods, I searched the web for at home alternatives. The process is quite easy, and since my fridge is limited on space - I chose to use this French Press method. 


  • 1 C Coarsely Ground Coffee Beans

  • 4 C Purified Water

  • French Press

  • 1 Large Jar with Lid


In a large container mix together coffee grounds with water. Stir the grounds-water mixture with a plastic spoon, not metal! Seal and wait 12-24 hours.

Pour your grounds and water mixture into a french press and stir. (This may have to be done in batches if your press isn't large enough.) Press the mixture and once all is complete pour final brew into your large container.

This will triple your volume once water, milk, or creamer is added to the individual cup of coffee!




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