Developing your Passion

Photo credit: Catherine Hall Studios

Photo credit: Catherine Hall Studios

I'll be honest, when I first started blogging I never felt 100% comfortable with a camera in my hand. It wasn't until I started working for a photographer that I truly felt inspired to dive into my own photography. 

When I first started my boss put me in charge of learning more about the industry and developing my knowledge about photography. I'll admit at first it was incredibly overwhelming, not only was I working my first real job but, I was also learning about something I new very little about.

When I look back on my first few months I can't believe how much my work and job education has paid off. The development in my first few months has not only made my job more rewarding but, has also furthered my passion for photography. 

Through this job I've had amazing opportunities not only to work for one of the top photographers in the industry but, also learn from her first hand. Over the years I've learned too accept most if not all opportunities, whether it be creating a new champaign for a large corporation or simply holding a reflector - no job is too small!



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