The dos and don'ts of interview Makeup

The Dos and Don'ts of Interview Makeup

While I love testing new beauty trends, there are just some places where less is more. Case and point- the interview room, and I've got your covered with a few simple tips on how to ace the interview and the makeup to do it in! 

The Do's and Don'ts of Interview Makeup

Leave Glitter out of it:

I've never been a huge fan of glitter-based cosmetics, the fall-out usually ends up making me look like a disco-ball, and thats never a good look. Although, you may rock the glitter shadow like a pro then interview room has no place for it, especially if you are wanting to work in the corporate world.

The Do's and Don'ts of Interview Makeup

Keep it Neutral:

Your interviewer should be more impressed with your resume than your ability to get the best contoured shadow. Keep your shadow minimal, I suggest applying a matte neutral close to your skin tone, with a highlight under the brow. The Naked pallet is a great investment and has a bevy of tones perfect for work. 

Conceal It

Interviews can be stressful, just the preparation alone can have you broken out. This happens to all of us, and with the right concealer this can be easily covered up. When concealing a blemish opt for a green concealer and apply to the problem area. The green will remove any additional redness. Dab with regular skin-tone foundation and blend to remove any lines.

Get your Rest

This is more of a health tip than a beauty tip but, rest can play a huge role in how you look the next day. If the pre-interview jitters get the best of you apply a touch of concealer a shade lighter than your skin tone underneath your eyes.  This will help conceal dark circles and give the illusion that you are well rested!