Black & White Beach

black & white beachwear | Birdie Shoots

1. White Shirt | 2. Palazzo Pants | 3. Birkenstocks | 4. Backpack | 5. Bikini top & bottom | 6. Sunnies | 7.  Wrap Sandals | 8.  One-Piece

There are few color combinations that I love more than the this classic combination. I love black & white patterns and prints {especially, on the beach}. The look couldn't be more classic, and yet it still continues to return each year looking better than ever. I'll be leaving on a much needed vacation at the end of May, and can't wait to lounge by the pool in a few of these pieces.

I'm a firm believer on the stance that a one-piece can be both sexy and comfortable. I love the sleek and playful look of this crochet style from Nordstrom. 

However, if two-pieces are more your thing, then I would definitely recommend checking out Everything but Water. They carry a wide variety of styles and brands and, as an added bonus they are adding an additional 50% off sale items.

A big tote or backpack is a poolside essential! As much as I love a colorful embellished bag, I also like something a little more practical that I won't mind mixing with the elements {sand, chlorine). 

I also like to have an extra shirt on hand just in case I end up wanting to walk around or grab a drink.  Tie this one at the waist or button a few at the bottom for a more tunic style look.


What are your poolside essentials?