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At Home Blow Out | Birdie Shoots
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                                                                          Polish | Blouse

Typically my Sundays are reserved for catch-up and the final chance to get a little R&R. I almost always spend my day preparing for the upcoming week, all while relying on comfortable basics and minimal beauty routines to get me through the day. I've found that an at-home blow outs mean near perfect next day hair; and I am all for the "minimal effort maximum effect when it comes to beauty.

This has become my go-to weekend style and although the initial blow dry may take a bit of time, your Sunday hair be a breeze.


Wash hair throughly and brush, avoid towel drying, as this increases frizz. Prep hair with a quarter-size amount of mousse. Work through hair starting and focusing on the roots. Add additional product if needed, but don't add too much!


Push hair forward using a round brush, starting from the back of the top of your head, working your way down to the nape of the neck. Once all hair is around 80% dry, switch to a paddle brush and polish the areas still remaining. Move your brush and dryer simultaneously all the way down past the ends of your hair (take your time!) 


I like to add a quick light curl to the ends, however this is completely optional. With a 1 1/2" curling iron take sections of hair starting at  the top of the ear and finishing with a few second hold. I prefer to do a light curl to add volume to the mid-section of the hair.


Finish style with a light hold hairspray to secure the look. I use sebastian shaper, which will keep hair in place but without weighing it down. Add a dime-size amount of glossing creme to polish out the ends.