Warby Parker


My love affair with oversized prescription glasses has no ends. Besides the fact that without contacts or glasses, I'm pretty much completely blind; I don't mind blaming a new purchase on my poor vision. When I was first introduced to Warby Parker a few years ago, I couldn't get over how amazed I was by their "try-and-buy" concept. 

For those of you unfamiliar with the company, you choose 1-5 pairs of glasses on their site to try on at home. Not only is the concept great, but so is their company mission. 

Similar to that of TOM'S, for every pair you buy, a pair is distributed to someone in need {read more here}.

I literally can NOT stand contacts, I'm always futzing with them and never seem to get over the fact that there is something in my eye. On a side note - I've been wearing them for years!

It finally came time to purchase another pair of WP's and I couldn't be more happy with my selection!

Due to my less than attractive attire I thought I'd share my final selection via' double exposure { SEE above} .

WP Styles: Kimball |  Preston | Marcell | Finch | Mallory




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