Slip it on


Some things in life tend to follow us as we get older, some are things that should be left in past while others are perfectly acceptable. One of these so called things, is something we all know and love, the slip on shoe. Not only made for toddlers ill-equipped to tie their shoes, slip-ons are one of the trends we seem to see float back in style every two years or so. I have to say I was one of the kids in high school who seemed to gravitate toward solid color vans, and may still even have an all-white pair. I dabbled a bit with TOM'S and still wear them during summer, but rarely out of season.

When blogging super star The Blonde Salad introduced that she would be teaming up with Steve Madden, the line was already destined for greatness {see #2 gold}. Even the leopard sneakers {#3} have been making stride with the fashion community and seem to be just as popular as the asymmetrical skort.

I am definitely on board with the latest flock of slip-on kicks. Although, I tend to gravitate towards the subtle textures and colors I couldn't help but picture this pink pony haired pair dressed with a white-on-white look {hello spring!}

1. Pale Pink | 2. Gold | 3. Leopard | 4. Croc Embossed | 5. Pink Pony Hair | 6. Open-Weave | 7. Snake & Nude | 8. Polka-dot | 9. Glitter