Festival Style

1. Blouse | 2. Necklace | 3. Fringe Kimono | 4. Nomad Sandal | 5. Slip Dress | 6. Backpack | 7. Heart Sunnies | 8. Wide-Brim Hat | 9. Printed Romper

April officially kicks off the music festival season, which means plenty of cut-offs, mirrored sunnies and bohemian inspired fashions. Even though Coachella doesn't begin until the next weekend, there is still plenty of planning that goes underway to achieving the right festival vibe. If theres one thing that you can do when packing its to remember that the weather is bound to be hot! Opt for breathable fabrics such as cottons and chiffons which will keep you cool and comfortable. Hats and sunglasses are a must, especially if your day consists of multiple back-2-back shows. I loved this versatile backpack which can easily be slung over a shoulder or unzipped. Of course my number one tip would be to wear comfortable shoes or sandals. These gladiator style sandals for ASH are stylish and supportive, a winning combo if you ask me!

What are your festival / concert essentials?