Winter vs. NYFW

Why the Weather had other plans for NYFW via.

As I'm sure your well aware, the weather on Thursday and Friday was a complete and utter mess. Between a blizzard in NY and a crazy downpour in SF, flights were being canceled left and right. The unfortunate thing is this included me and the two Virgin America flights that we're bound to get me into town in time for NYFW. This would have been my first time not only going to New York but, also attending fashion week, so to say I was disappointed would be a huge understatement.

I've been blogging close to 6 years now and had been preparing for this trip for months. When I got the news that my second flight was also canceled I couldn't justify only traveling for 2-days, especially when I had already missed so many of my scheduled shows and presentations. It was a hard call to make and one that felt like such a huge let-down in terms of how hard I had worked. The past few days have certainly put things into perspective, and although attending would and is a bucket list goal it just wasn't my time. I'm hoping to be able to attend with Kev in September but, will certainly make sure to prepare myself for the unexpected!

Also, wanted to say THANK YOU, to all of my partners, sponsors, and blogger babes who reached out to me :) - you guys are the best!



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