What Were Eating, February 18'

(image via. abraskitchen.com)

(image via. abraskitchen.com)

We're kicking off the month with a new series, as requested by YOU, or more so those of you who voted yes to our recipe segment question on Instagram! In this series, I'll be sharing recipes that we've found on the web that we'll be cooking up this month. I hope this will inspire those of you who are looking to jump back into cooking, or just looking for inspiration for weeknight meals!

February is a super busy month for us, and we'll be taking advantage of cooking for home any chance we can get. In January we aimed to cut unnecessary calories or foods that seemed like they could be easily swapped for healthy options (that taste just as good, and in some cases better!)

Week 1

Carnitas Tacos / One Pot Mediterranean Cod  
roasted tomatoes with goat cheese polenta / Arugula Pear Salad
Superbowl Sunday, Cooking for Friends