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“Live pacifically”


I can remember the night I told Kevin that I was feeling like I was outgrowing Birdie Shoots. I wanted to go in a direction that better reflected where my life was currently at and where it was heading. So much of Birdie Shoots was started when I was a single, recent college grad, and living on my own for the first time. As a quick backstory, the name Birdie Shoots comes from the nickname, “Birdie” that my parents and close family call me.

At the time I was very into photography and thought the name had a ring to it, while still being personal to me and my passion. Fast forward 9-years and I am now married, and expecting my first child; things have changed quite a bit! Even being a long time blogger I was still having people ask me about the name, and more than often referring to my site as, “Birdie Shots”, which still irks me. Kevin (my husband) is an even bigger component of the rebrand since he chooses to dedicate so much time to photographing the content we share.

So why now and why The Pacific Standard? Well, quite honestly, there is never a perfect time to rebrand, especially after having a brand associated with my name for so long. But, rather than sit back and watch the clock tick, I decided to take the plunge. I designed a logo, jumped on the social handles and ran the idea past family and friends. I’m lucky to have an amazing support system and my reasoning for rebranding was well-encouraged. (Especially from my parents who went above and beyond to help with my website transfer, which is no easy or inexpensive feat!)

SO what is The Pacific Standard? The idea came to me almost 2 years ago while I was working at my full-time job, daydreaming perhaps? My ideal description of my site is two things, casual California living and realistic content! The Pacific Standard is a type of lifestyle that we live each and every day and continue to share with you here. In terms of content, things won't be changing dramatically - so no need to worry! Kevin, will be much more involved within the content and also contribute to articles.

What will you’re roles be? Our audience has evolved over the years to encompass much more of a 24-35 demographic and we hope to continue to better speak to this audience. There will still be plenty of fashion and beauty content, but there will also be more couple’s content, cocktail posts, and life-in-general topics.

Kevin: The Mr. will still be working his 9-5 as a High School teacher, but will be coming from behind the lens to appear in more posts. He’ll be taking over cocktail features, and inputting more of his own tastes into our couple’s content.

Thank you all for being amazing readers and supporters of Birdie Shoots, I hope to continue to spark new ideas and provide thoughtful content as we move forward as The Pacific Standard.

Cheers x

Kelly & Kevin