Unique Pieces For the Home

As many of you know, I'm currently in the process of looking for a little place to call my own, home if you will. As if perusing Local listings isn't tough enough, the idea of decorating is even more daunting. Not daunting in the way an undesirable task would be, I'm more or less referring to my restraint to hold back on purchasing things before actually moving in.

Yes..I am somewhat of an impulse home decor shopper! I find myself saying, "Well, I should just get it now, that way I'll be all set when I move in." great reasoning ;) . However, the more I think about it the more I realize that the best decorated spaces are those that feel like the space they consume. Take for instance an apartment building from the 60s-70s, theres just so many architectural details that scream to be brought to life, or at least to this decade. Where as a modern "new-age" building relie on sleek streamline finishes.

I wouldn't necessarily decorate the two the same, which got me to thinking that my home decor shopping should probably be put on hold until I can actually get a feel for the living space. Lucky for me I received some lovely gifts for Christmas from my family that I can't wait to put to use.

Agate Coasters via. Anthropologie {

love these West Elm hues


Bodum Coffee Press {image via. Sofia's Journal -mines still in the box}

And last but certainly not least the ultimate Fashion nod.. The Prada Marfa Canvas Print!

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Hope you all are having a fabulous week!