Totes' Adorable

The Best Totes Of the Season via. Birdie Shoots Blog

Weekend plans? Off for a little stay-cation? Or maybe your just looking to pack a few extras? If any of these sound like something you'd say than the tote is the bag for you! Whilst being the largest of the bag sizes in the "purse" world the tote comes in all silhouettes and sizes. Some accommodating just the necessities while other can hold half your closet! 

When searching for the perfect tote I like to keep in mind that I'm going to be the one lugging it around (unless the boy is so kind to offer his assistance.) A medium size is roomy enough to pack and is a good fit for under the shoulder. Personally, I like to be able to throw these over my arm and be able to rest my hand on the front strap. It keeps the bag steady and offers a nice little arm rest when walking. As there are a wide variety of shapes and sizes there is also a huge price range and you can find plenty of options to fit your budget. 

For those looking to spend no more than $50 check out fast-fashion retailers like H&M, Forever21 who normally carry the style throughout the year. Discount Stores like TJ Maxx or Nordstrom Rack may also be a good places to check if your looking for something with a bit higher quality materials.

The under $100 price mark opens up the door to quite a few more materials, you may be even lucky enough to find a genuine leather one! I loved the options from department stores like Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, and Macys. You probably won't be able to score a genuine leather option but, they're plenty of cute fabric and even straw options! 

For those looking at their tote as an investment I would suggest a $200 price mark. You can absolutely find your ideal style from a wide amount of retailers like Rebecca Minkoff, Madewell, or Kate Spade