The NYE Edit, How to Create Realistic Resolutions

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New Year's Eve has long been one of my favorite times of the year. It's rarely in regards to the endless glasses of champagne (that the looming hangover)  or the dress options, but more so the idea of a brand-spanking' new year on the horizon. I (and so many others) see January as a time to start fresh and truly reflect on how you want the year ahead to go. It's rarely ever perfect (far from it) but the idea that we can plan and create something new is a beautiful concept. As the year comes to a close I've partnered with Mugler to share how you can create (and achieve) your own resolutions!

The NYE Edit via. Birdie Shoots
The NYE Edit with Mugler via. Birdie Shoots blog

How to Create Realistic Resolutions

It's easy to set goals and resolutions when you're feeling spurred on by unhealthy holiday eating or lack of exercise. Rather than creating extreme goals, why not set realistic expectations that are within reach that also contain a healthy challenge. For me I prefer to challenge myself to accomplish milestones, this is especially true in regards to fitness or health goals. 

Plan a course and take action! Sometimes this means dishing out a little cash to sign up for fitness classes or even joining a training team. Either way, hold yourself accountable for what you are looking to accomplish. For me, I'm far more willing to go to a spin knowing that I paid big $$ for a pack of classes. I know this isn't true for everyone, but it's a course of action that drives me to continue to go - aside from the feeling post-class! 

Put together a timeline that paces out milestones. By meeting smaller goals along the way you'll be more inspired to continue towards larger ones. If one of your resolutions is business related,  you can set numbers to hit or meet. If they are loftier than normal set these quarterly vs. monthly. Again, the expectations here need to be realistic. If you're simply repeating the same goals year after year and not meeting them, adjust accordingly!

The NYE Edit via. Birdie Shoots
The NYE Edit via. Birdie Shoots
The NYE Edit via. Birdie Shoots
Mugler ANGEL Fragrance via. Birdie Shoots

Don't become a resolution statistic! Hundreds of people end up dropping out of their goals due to a variety of reasons, don't let a convenient excuse stop you from continuing to pursue yours.  


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Happy NYE!


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