Shine Bright Like a Diamond

I've always been attached to shiny things and if your a regular reader on Birdie Shoots, you'll already know this. However, it seems that the diamonds in my eyes don't always correspond with the green in my wallet. But, lucky for me there are plenty of gorgeous options that wont break the bank.

1.TopShop Neon Multirow Necklace/ 2. Kate Spade Kaleidoscope Necklace / 3. F21 Rhinestone Pearlescent Collar {similar}/ 4. Juicy Couture Punk Rocks Crystal Collar/ 5. J.Crew Crystal Encrusted Collar Necklace.

This season designers like Kate Spade and Juicy Couture are putting out some especially gorgeous gems. Check out the kaleidoscope Necklace which has me dreaming of mirrored colors and shapes. Or, what about the J.Crew vintage inspired necklace? The mixed media piece has all the taste of a turn of the century heirloom, at a price that wont kill your wallet.

If you could pick one of the necklaces above to style which would you choose? 



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