DIY Embellished Chain Sperry Topsiders

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What you will need:
  • A Pair of Sperry Topsiders
  • Leather laces
  • Chain
  • Jump Rings
  • Heavy duty thread {Dual Duty}
  • Long Needle
  • Loose studs
  • Scissors
  • Pliers or Jewelry Pliers

Start by removing the current leather laces which come standard with most shoes. Using the removed laces as a guide cut your chain to size. 
  1. Cut a piece of thread and string your chain to your needle. Tie together in a sturdy knot. 
  2. Starting from the inside out guide the needle through the eyelets, using your pliers to pull through once visible. 
  3. Once you get to the back of the shoe, things can get a little tricky. This part will take a little elbow grease and patience. Push your needle through until it is visible from the other eyelet, pushing from behind the needle, put your hand on the back of the heel to flatten out the surface. Continue to push until you can use your pliers to pull through, wiggle to get chain through.
  4. Repeat until you work all the way through the shoe. Once you get to the end trim chain and add a jump ring. The jump ring should be larger than the size of the eyelet, this will keep the chain in place.
  5. Depending on your preference you can pull the chain taught or let the chain sag.
  6. I decided to add a few studs on the back, but you could really add anything you want..rhinestones, leather paint, or even beads :)
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Happy Monday everyone!
ps. I'm pretty sure everyone at the SAG awards was wearing navy blue or black! Missed seeing the color!