Out with the Old

Image via.  The Coveteur

Image via. The Coveteur

I tend to do around two major closet clean outs a year. One at the end of winter and another at the end of summer. Normally, before I embark on my clean-out, I have an idea of things I won't wear, have grown tired of, and also garments I'm on the fence about. In true over haul fashion I go through just about everything from pants, to shoes, and accessories. As a general rule if I haven't worn something in a year, it's considered gone. It's hard to abide by that rule, but completely necessary if you want to streamline thing for the upcoming season. 

Once the haul is complete and most likely a glass of wine or two, I sort things into two different piles. One for new or gently worn things I want to sell and another for donation. I either consign things through a local boutique or sell them online through Threadflip.

I love the feeling of starting fresh, and as they say out with the old, and in with the new (can you say shopping trip!)

Do you fall clean your closet?