Organizational Hacks for Your Closet

Over the past few days I've been on a mission to really get my things neat and organized. I'd like to think of myself as a well-organized person, but sometimes I forget to go through the things I have and get rid of items I no longer wear/use.

Switching out of season clothing and color-organizing.

This basket caddy acts as a catch-all for the bikinis I'm currently wearing. I purchased the label tab at Staples, they are part of the Martha Stewart collection {what a surprise}.

Since I'm limited on shelving space for my shoes, I staggered each pair back to front. This freed up quite a bit of wasted space, allowing for another pair of heels to fit in.

Using Vintage crystal as ring and charm holders, the white tray is another Martha Stewart purchase.

Keeping new bracelets out and on display. Using a hat/coat hanger to keep necklace's untangled and ready for use.

Categorizing magazines by month and date.

What are your organizing tips?