Living in Comfort, Graphic Sweatshirts

I'd be lying if I said that fashion is always* the number one factor when deciding what to wear. We all have days when, let's face it comfort wins. More than often these days are associated with long evenings, possibly a drink or two? Or if your like me a 24 hr. stomach flu. Regardless of the circumstances, there are a few pieces that defy all odd and are both comfortable and fashion friendly.

Any girl who own a pair of Lululemon pants will tell you that they are just are just about the most comfortable thing on the planet..yes planet! It's almost as if they are second skin, most times I don't even realize that I have them on. Their both figure flattering and extremely stylish, some of my personal favorites include the wunder under pant (pretty much leggings) and the

Astro pant. Both come are designed for optimal fit and comfort {helllo thick waist band} and there's no excuse for not having the perfect fit as they do provide complimentary hemming. Wildfox jumpers may appear as just being over priced sweatshirts but you'll be sure to retract your feelings when you try one on. Baggy beach jumpers are pretty much exactly how they sound, oversized, baggy and extremely soft. Wildfox always comes out with cute cheeky sayings on them that make their appeal that much more desirable. {currently loving this

Of course no wardrobe is complete without your basic tee. I used to be more apt to buy these pieces from inexpensive or "fast-fashion" retailers and always wound up replacing them half way through the year. Obviously, this was a lose-lose situation for me and my wallet. A few years ago I was introduced to the designer basics that I now live in year around.

James Perse makes unbelievable tees, tanks and shirts in a variety of styles and colors. Another great designer for go-to basics is Alternative Apparel, in college I swore by their oversized Mama Cass tops.

What are your go-to fashion basics?