Lash-tastic Mascara Review

One of the few things I always find myself switching up in my beauty routine is my mascara. I love trying out new formulas, brands and brushes and tend to keep a few on-hand for different occasions.  My lashes are already pretty dark naturally, so I stick to dark black mascaras. Each mascara packs a different brush applicator, all which promise different results, such as length, volume or even both!

{L-R, L'Oreal, Badgal, They're Real}


During the day I tend to keep a more natural look and only apply one or two coats of

Benefit's Badgal Mascara

. The jumbo-sized brush coats lashes with one stroke of the wand and enhances the volume to give you a wide-eyed look. My eyes are narrower almond shape, so the large wand really gives them look of being larger than they are. This is one mascara I always come back to, plus the size of the product will last you for many* applications! (*On a side note you should only keep mascara for 5-6 months tops.)


When going out to casual drinks or dinner with friends I like to use

L'Oreal voluminous million

lashes mascara in Blackest Black. This is by-far my favorite drug-store mascara, it blows away some of the pricier mascaras I've tried in the past. I love how they incorporated a sealing feature on the tube to prevent any dry-out. The applicator brush has numerous rubber-like bristle which provide a clump-free application. The pointed brush tip allows you to reach the smaller area of your eye like the tear duct and outer corner.

Special Occasion

If I'm attending a special event or occasion and don't feel like wearing false eye-lashes I turn to 

Benefit's They're Real! Mascara

. This product really does deliver, the multi-bristles brush coats lashes in a thick and shiny formula, to create a dramatic look. I've had issues removing other false-lash mascaras, and usually I am left with clumpy/sticky lashes. I had no trouble removing the Benefit product with facial soap and oil-free remover. The only thing I'd say about this product is to try and keep it from going into your eyes as it can sting after-time, this is easily avoided by not applying so much!

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