KONY 2012

"Where you live shouldn't determine if you live"

Tears filled my eyes throughout the entire 29:59 minutes of this video. Over the last 24 hrs I had seen countless bloggers, friends, strangers and social media followers posting about KONY 2012. I usually don't comment on events that could be taken as political, but this is something I felt the need to share.  The video was created by the group Invisible Children; started by 3 visionary film makers on a mission to make a difference.

The particular video that is shared is to take aim at Joseph Kony, a rebel leader of the LRA. The video documentary explains Invisible Children's goal to stop Joseph Kony through his arrest. Chills still run through my body as I type this. I think what Invisible Children and their supporters are doing is just and a measure of what people can do to change what they believe is inhumane!

Bloggers Making Kony Famous  Twitter Link @bloggersxkony