June Birchbox Review

June Birchbox Review

1. John Varvatos Star U.S.A* : Father's Day treat!

2. Tili Bags 5/5 : Cute print, I will save for my next carry-on flight.

3. Masqueology Pore Minimizing Mask 5/5 : After a long night out and maybe one too many whisky sours I was left feeling far from hydrated. My skin was in need of  some major moisture, and this mask was the cure! Although while on the white cloth highly resembles a certain horror film character, it completely covered my face and instantly began to seep into my pores. After relaxing for 20 minuets, I felt clean and re-hydrated. I loved how cool my skin felt, there was even a slight tingle when the wind hit my face. Overall I am completely hooked!

4. stila one step bronze 4/5 : I think I'd end up using this product more as a body shimmer than a face highlight. Over-all I usually don't tend to wear a lot of "shimmery" cosmetics and this bronzer definitely has a glitter to it. I did however like the formula and would consider wearing it mixed with a body lotion.

5. Comodynes Self-Tanning Intensive 4/5 : In a rush to get ready for my birthday celebration I decided to try out the self-tanning towels. I've been victim to a few self-tanning mishaps in the past so I was careful to follow directions and completely cover my skin. The guidelines explained that a golden glow would begin to develop over a three hour period of time. At first I was happy that the formula was relatively smell-free, but after a couple hours the a "tanning" smell does emerge. Each towel will cover a pair of leg and arms if used properly.

6. theBalm® cosmetics Stainiac 3/5 : This requires a few layers to show up on your lips. The stain does show up but, I would recommend wearing a clear gloss of balm over it so your lips, so they don't appear chapped or dry. Be warned that the the stain does dry very quickly, if you decide to use this product as a cheek stain, blend immediately! Use your fingers instead of the applicator brush or you will be left with small dots where the color is applied.

Overall I really liked most of the products in the June Birchbox! What did you think?